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TWIBJJ Episode 60 - Rolled Up, SYR, and Jeff Glover CXT Drills

This episode of This Week in BJJ (TWIBJJ) is packed with the latest news from Budo HQ!

What does the very first BJJ Worlds gold medal look like?

Ever wonder what the first BJJ Gold Medal looks like? Come inside and find out!

TWIBJJ Episode 59 - Dr. Ethan Kreiswirth

Dr. Ethan Kreiswirth joins Budo Jake to talk about Sports Injuries in Episode 59 of TWIBJJ

TWIBJJ Episode 58 - Mendes Brothers, Rick Slomba and Mason Monsevais

TWIBJJ Episode 58 we are joined with the Mendes Brothers, Rick Slomba, and Mason Monsevais fresh off their Worlds victories.

TWIBJJ Episode 57 - AJ Agazarm, Andrew Wooten

AJ Agazarm is back in the studio along with Gracie Barra brown belt, Andrew Wooten.

ADCC Superfight: AJ Agazarm vs Durinho

ADCC USA Superfight between Gilbert "Durniho" Burns and AJ Agazarm

TWIBJJ Episode 56 - IBJJF Rules Updates

IBJJF Referee Gabriel Costa joins Budo Jake to explain the updated rules for 2014.

Jeff Glover vs Budo Jake!

Part 3 of TWIBJJ Episode 55 - Budo Jake vs Jeff Glover

TWIBJJ Episode 55 - Jeff Glover

Jeff Glover stops by Budo HQ to join Budo Jake at the round table. Grab a seat and join along.

TWIBJJ Episode 54 - Liam Resnekov

Liam Resnekov comes all the way from Australia to join Budo Jake for Episode 54 of TWIBJJ

BJJ Tips for Small Guys Part 3: Barata & Cobrinha

Barata and Cobrinha share some tips for the smaller guys.

TWIBJJ Episode 53 - Carlos Terrinha Part 2

Carlos Terrinha is back to show more techniques in episode 53 of TWIBJJ.

TWIBJJ Episode 52 - Carlos Terrinha

TWIBJJ Episode 52, Budo Jake is joined by Carlos Terrinha

ADCC New York Nationals

ADCC New York Nationals to be held on April 6th - Big Superfight

Interview with Budo Jake on "Going Upside Down"

Budo Jake goes into detail about his new DVD "Going Upside Down"

TWIBJJ Episode 51 - Nic Gregoriades

TWIBJJ Episode 51 - Budo Jake is joined by NIc Gregoriades