TWIBJJ Episode 58 - Mendes Brothers, Rick Slomba and Mason Monsevais

Coming off their 4th World title victory at the BJJ world championships, the Mendes brothers stop by again with two of their world champion students, Rock Slomba and Mason Monsevais. The guys talk about their championship run as well as a break down of most of the adult black belt finals. 

On the latest episode of This Week in BJJ (TWIBJJ), I was joined on the Budo mats by the Mendes Brothers and two of their students - Rick Slomba and Mason Monsevais.

The Mendes Brothers had a fantastic performance at the worlds with Gui Mendes defeating a tough Paulo Miyao in the light feather weight division and Rafa Mendes edging out a victory over Cobrinha in the featherweight division.

Rick Slomba took gold after beating a tough Edwin Najmi in the finals of the purple belt featherweight division and was promoted to brown belt on the podium.

Mason Monsevais had a long run in the blue belt light feather division and took home the silver medal.

On this episode, these Atos team members and Jake discuss some of the themes of the 2014 BJJ Worlds, including:

-Evolution of the lapel guard
-Refusing to tap in hopes of a win
-The Miyao brothers as black belts
-The new rules

In addition, they talk about key details of the EVERY one of the men's final matches.

Part 1 of 2

Part 2 of 2

As regular viewers of TWIBJJ know, Jake rarely lets the guest leave the Budo studio without showing some techniques. In this clip, Rafa and Gui Mendes share 2 of their favorite ways to complete the double under guard pass. Brilliant moves!


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