What does the very first BJJ Worlds gold medal look like?

Nowadays we are used to seeing the Worlds at the Pyramid in Long Beach, California. The very first World Jiu-Jitsu championships however, called Mundials in Brazil, was held at the Tijuca Tennis Club in Rio de Janeiro in 1996.


The Worlds was held in Brazil for 11 years until moving to California in 2007.

Let's take a look at a list of legendary BJJ athletes who received gold medals in the adult black belt division of the very first Worlds:

Rooster: Marcos Barreto
Light Feather: Helio Morrira
Feather: Royler Gracie
Light: Paulo Barroso
Middle: Roberto Correra
Medium Heavy: Roberto Magalhaes
Heavy: Fabio Gurgel
Super Heavy: Ricardo Liborio
Ultra Heavy: Mario Sperry
Absolute: Amaury Bitteti

And now let's see the glorious medal that these champions received:


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