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Time Travel Tuesdays - Cobrinha vs Tussa - Nogi Worlds 2007

Today's Time Travel Tuesday (And the last of the year!) takes us back to the first NoGi worlds. Two of todays most exciting athletes enter the black belt open weight class, Rubens "Cobrinha" Charles and Robert "Tussa" Alencar.

It's almost a rarity these to see a guy as small as Cobrinha enter the open weight division. It's reasonable why they don't; There's a much great potential for injury and you risk not being able to compete in their division assuming the open weight takes place before their regular weight class. It didn't stop Cobrinha that year as he faced Gracie Barra black belt, Tussa.
Cobrinha obviously plays from the bottom and has some "cobrinha" style tornado sweep attempes, foot lock and kneebar attempts and some 50/50 guard (Yep, he was using it back in '07!)

I remember watching this match from far across the mats when it happened live. All I could see was the finish and I remember immediately texting my friend Kevin Howell (author of this amazing book) the results! Check out the full match, it's less than 6 minutes but well worth the watch!

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