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America's first indoor ninja throwing star range

Looking for an excuse to visit Kentucky? Neither was I, but I just found one!
If their website is true, ninja fans all over the country will be converging in Lexington, KY in the spring when the country's first indoor throwing star range opens up.

A reader complained to me just last week that we only talk about BJJ here at Budovideos. Well here I am to prove you wrong! After all, who isn't a fan of ninjas? I don't know a kid alive who hasn't wanted to throw a ninja star or toss a grappling hook on top of a nearby roof.

Here's a promo clip for the new place - surely to become a top tourist destination:

Their website boasts that there will be lanes available for 15-20 bad ass ninjas at one time. That's a good sized place!

Don't know how to throw, no problem! An experienced ninja will teach you the way.

It looks like this place is not only a throwing star range but also a sake bar! This can NOT get any better. All I'm saying to myself is "Please be real, please be real!" If it's not, I might just have to open one up of my own!

If you want to visit the site, check it out at ninjasindoorthrowingstarrange.com

And in case you thought ninjas were all just a big joke from the 80's, you're wrong! Ninjutsu is a fairly popular martial art with lots of books & DVDs available right here on Budovideos.com. Check out some Ninjutsu books and Ninjutsu DVDs.

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