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Some Half Guard, a little Tornado guard and an epic Mohawk.

It’s been almost 7 years since the first Nogi Worlds, and it’s nice to see these two warriors still competing and dominating in the Jiu Jitsu Game.

When you think of Lucas Leite, the first that usually comes to your mind is a guy with a tricky half guard and a guy that is willing to go up against virtually anyone. When you think of Cyborg, you think of his high altitude Tornado sweeps. I had totally forgotten that Cyborg would also rock a badass mowhawk!

If you want to tornado sweep like Cyborg, check out his 3 Vol. DVD set here!

What I love about this match is that you see these 2 guys with very distinct games both really bringing it. Lucas pulls half guard immediately just as you’d expect, gets some good positions and sweeps with but can’t stop Cyborg for implementing his own game!

Check out the following epic moments: 1:08, 1:15, 2:43, 4:28, 6:32

Also, this is pre-reaping rules! Check out 9:19!

And extra points if you can guess guest appearance at 2:22

Until next week!


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