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Sambo & Jiu-jitsu Highlight featuring Vladislav Koulikov

Last month, Vladislav Koulikov's new instructional series "Sambo Jiu-jitsu Fusion" was released. The set features throws, takedowns, groundwork and leglocks that work GREAT in a BJJ or Submission grappling setting. Those tough Russians know a thing or two about fighting!

Vlad moved from Moscow to New Jersey in the mid 90's and proceeded to unleash his Sambo skills on his opponents at grappling tournaments up and down the east coast for the next decade. So I asked Vlad to scrounge up all of those old dusty VHS tapes he had tucked away. The Budo editors then grinded down 6 hours of footage into a past paced 1 minute 17 second clip.

Who says Sambo guys don't have a guard

Standing guillotines are cool.

Flying armlocks - a good tool to finish the job quickly.

The highlight ends with a sweet neck crank.

Vlad has 3 instructionals in the Sambo Jiu-jitsu Fusion series:

Takedowns: DVD - On Demand - App


Groundwork: DVD - On Demand - App


Leglocks: DVD - On Demand - App

And here's the highlight!

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