Budo Jake Podcast 3 with Erik Paulson

In this episode, join me on a wild conversation with Erik Paulson covering a whole slew of topics such as: 

  • Early days of MMA in Japan
  • Fighting vs coaching
  • Risk vs reward in an MMA career
  • Erik’s most memorable moment in his martial arts career
  • Why not to have sex before a fight
  • Erik’s spiritual side
  • Erik reading Jake’s aura
  • Erik’s serious neck injury from getting sprawled on
  • Learning a more effective and faster choke than the RNC
  • Teaching cops how to fight
  • Multiple Races of Aliens 100% exist
  • Why is congress talking about UFOs so much now?
  • Are aliens coming in peace or not?
  • How to reconcile being a spiritual person teaching fighting
  • Advice for the MMA student


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