5 Questions for MMA & BJJ Champ Chris Brennan

Chris Brennan is a legend in the early days of MMA and BJJ in the US. Having trained with the Gracies and going down to Brazil to train as well, Chris was deep into grappling and MMA while it was still developing as a major sport.

Chris went on to make the world's best fight shorts under the Nogi brand, fought in ADCC 2005, at Pride Bushido in Japan, and became 3 time world champ at IBJJF events.

Now Chris has a chain of popular gyms in Texas and his kids seem to be tearing up the competition.

Budo Jake: Chris, it's awesome to talk with you again! After doing almost all there is to do in the grappling world, I'm curious, which brings you more joy, competing,or coaching? 

Chris: Coaching for sure. I obviously miss fighting, but nothing is more fulfilling than coaching my kids and also my fighters.

BJ: It used to be that BJJ was all you really need in an MMA fight. When the opponents didn't know anything about BJJ, even a blue belt could dominate. Is jiujitsu more important or less important for MMA than it was in the past?

C: Sadly, MMA has become it's own style, and in my opinion, the Jiu-Jitsu part of it sucks. Of course there are some great Jiu-Jitsu practitioners that fight, but for the most part the level is low. Wrestling is the base that dictates where the fight takes place.

BJ: I see you are still busy coaching not only at your gyms, but also at affiliates. What’s the most common piece of advice you give to students?

C: Listen to your coaches. Believe what they say, and learn how to learn. That's very important.

BJ: You are known as the King of the Kimura. Is the Kimura the best submission? 

C: Unfortunately no. It's without a doubt a great one, and one I use to finish, and also to transition to the next place, and it also sets up all of my armbars. For me, the 10 finger guillotine is what I get most these days, but I think it's always been the RNC for the majority

BJ: You've accomplished so much. What's your next big goal.

The next big goal for me is to help continue my son Lucas's success in Bellator and start Tyler's career after his last season of wrestling is lover. Coaching all my fighters and running my gym.

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