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TWIBJJ #80 with Yuki Nakai

Yuki Nakai is a guy that I've admired for a long time. Not only is he a Kosen Judo and BJJ black belt, he's a fearless warrior who went against Rickson Gracie despite being blinded in one eye from a prior fight that evening.

Nakai has gone on to start his own association called "Paraestra" and now has over 40 schools in Japan and Korea.
Among his many talented students is standout Shinya Aoki.

On my recent trip to Japan I had a chance to sit down and talk to him for a few minutes.
Here are some of our conversation points:

-Training Kosen Judo
-Switching to BJJ
-Is BJJ a Brazilian or Japanese martial art?
-Why did BJJ flourish in Brazil?
-Getting his black belt in BJJ from...
-Starting Paraestra

Also on this episode I talk briefly about the upcoming Five Grappling Super League Event.

Also the top new releases for the week are:

Favela Jiu-Jitsu - Sweeps by Fernando Terere

Basically Escaping Side Control by Adem Redzovic

Watch the full episode here!


  • Sifer Aseph

    Awesome interview. This man is a legend. I would love to see more interviews with the old school guys. They’re what got me into jiu jitsu!

  • Paul C

    Great interview. Thanks.

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