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KO Finisher Brown and Black Belt Super Fights On Demand

Kurt Osiander's 2nd installment of the KO finisher made it's Southern California debut Feb 16th in Anaheim, California. The tournament offers a round robin,  no points and submission only format.

Along with the tournament, Kurt invited 8 top ranked brown and black belts for an 8 man superfight tournament. Featured brown belts included Travis Magali, Ram Ananda, Mike Martinez, Jason Youseph, Adam Dunkel, JJ Amrose, Albert Aguirre and Mike Carbullido. Featured black belts included Taner Rice, lucas Rocha, Lea D'avila, Stephen Martinex, Eliot Kelly, Joao Faria, noah Arnold Tillis and Diego Herzog.

The entire superfirght tournament is now available for On Demand streaming. Also features full commentary by Dan Lukehart (aka TrumpetDan) and our very own Budo Dane.

To top it all off, we're offering it at  super screaming deal of only $4.95!

Watch both Brown and Black Belt Superfight tournaments here!

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