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TWIBJJ Episode 51 - Nic Gregoriades

TWIBJJ returns with episode 51! This week's guest is a world traveler, author and Roger Gracie's first Black Belt, Nic Gregoriades! Nic talks about his travels, his training, his new book and a few controversial topics! He then goes to the mat to show you a basic sweep with some high level details.

Other topics include: Pan 2014 preview, new DVDs and apps from Michael Langhi and Victor Estima plus a hot new product from Mr. Budo himself, Budo Jake!

This Weeks Products include:


Dynamic De-La-Riva
by Michael Langhi

Dynamic Reverse De-La-Riva
by Michael Langhi

Dynamic Spider Guard
by Michael Langhi


Estima Lock by Victor Estima

Inverted Triangle by Victor Estima

Going Upside Down by Budo Jake

The Black Belt Blue Print by Nic Gregoriades

And now Episode 51 of TWIBJJ with Nic Gregoriades

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Yea you!I love those days. When I feel like things are woirkng it lets me disengage my ego and flow better – which usually makes more things work well (cool virtuous cycle). I also wind up trying more/new things – yeah, I might lose position or even get subbed but it doesn’t matter because everything else is so good so I learn more (virtuous cycle continues).Keep “bringin’ it”

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