New DVDs from Josh Barnett, Travis Stevens, Masakazu Imanari, Matt Darcy and More!

Break a Leg: Leg Lock Seminar DVD by Josh Barnett

Catch-as-catch-can has been doing leg locks since the beginning, now learn from multi-time mixed martial arts and grappling champion, Josh "WARMASTER" Barnett.

Learn devastating leglock set-ups and submissions including heel hooks, ankle locks, kneebars, and more!

Iron Maiden Back Control DVD by Matt Darcy

The Iron Maiden Back Control System by Guerrilla Jiu-Jitsu elite black belt, Matt Darcy is our newest release and possibly the most aggressive back control/submission instructional we’ve ever filmed.

The techniques in this instructional are devastating. Seriously, if you are looking to level on your submission game from back control, you don't want to miss this one!

Leg Lock Master DVD from Masakazu Imanari

Movement for Grappling 2 DVD Set by Scott Georgaklis with Travis Stevens 

Magic Guard Passing 2 DVD Set by Travis Stevens 

Power Switch Guard Retention & Genius Back Attacks 4 DVD Set by Mikey Musumeci 

Arms Race DVD: A systematic approach to defending against bent and straight arm locks with Ante Dzolic

The Flower Sweep 2 DVD Set By Ante Dzolic 

Reverse Triangle the World DVD with Joel Bouhe

Effective Movements in Traditional Goju Ryu DVD 2: Kakie by Katsuya Izumikawa 


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