Break Legs with Josh Barnett 😱 and Kit Dale Masterclass series DVDs: Z Guard, Passing and the Art of Learning.

Leg Locks by the Warmaster
Josh Barnet War Master Break A Leg

Catch-as-catch-can has been doing leg locks since the beginning, now learn from multi-time mixed martial arts and grappling champion, Josh "WARMASTER" Barnett.

Learn devastating leglock set-ups and submissions including heel hooks, ankle locks, kneebars, and more!

Normally your classic guard passing instructional would have someone telling you how to do different techniques, maybe a few for each guard. This one doesn't. My goal is for you to understand WHY a guard pass works and how to achieve the pass from any situation.
Knowing this will also help you play guard, because you will know what is stopping your training partners from passing and what they are trying to achieve.

In Kit Dale's Guard Passing Masterclass we’re going to show you:
* How to use 3 simple principles to create a guard pass opening
* How to build an un-sweepable top game.
* Simple strategies to make guard passing easier.
* How to create passes of your own and test them effectively.
* How to feel comfortable in passing positions you've never been in before (or rarely).
* Understanding how to make yourself as unpredictable as possible on top and how to read your opponents game.

In this collection I offer to you all of my knowledge on the topic of guard passing. I am a top player primarily and these concepts have been integral to my success - Kit Dale

In this exclusive Masterclass, World Champions - Kit and Craig will show you how they utilize the often underrated Z-guard (knee-shield). Both Kit and Craig compete on the biggest stages in jiu jitsu and can claim to be two of Australia's best jiu jitsu practitioners.

Kit Dale shares the secrets to his accelerated learning process, achieving his black belt in JUST 4 YEARS!
Kit has pulled together a collection of the most fundamental and effective Jiu Jitsu concepts that he has discovered in years of professional competition.


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