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Flashback to 2012: Eddie Bravo vs Shawn Williams

It's hard to believe it's been 7 years already. It was the summer of 2012 and Budo Dane and I had a live weekly jiu-jitsu show. This was well before Facebook live or YouTube live. Each week we had guests on who would share stories and techniques with us.

This particular week I wanted to get two of my friends on to settle their beef - Eddie Bravo & Shawn Williams.

You see, Shawn has a guard, aptly named the Williams Guard. Eddie Bravo has his Rubber Guard system. There was one particular move - "The London" as Eddie calls it, that Eddie said is outdated and is easily countered. In my conversations with Shawn, I realized that Shawn disagrees. What better idea, then to get them both in the room and get to the bottom of this?

In the first part of the show, we sat around and chatted about a variety of jiu-jitsu topics. Just a warning, Eddie talks. A lot. But I love him for it. It's rare to find someone as passionate about jiu-jitsu as Eddie.

Here's the "sitting and chatting" part:

On the 2nd part of the show we get on the mats. What's the consensus? Is the London a defective move, as Eddie said? Or do you side with Shawn and say it's a great move? Watch them discuss here:

I hope you enjoyed this little flashback!

What do you think, should I do more interviews? If so, who would you like to see?

-Budo Jake

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Travis Pearson

Awesome what a throw back

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