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What Does a 10th Planet Black Belt Say About Training in the Gi?

I’ve known Brent Littell for quite a few years now. He was already a 10th Planet black belt when he decided to deepen his gi knowledge by training at Gracie Barra HQ (where I was also training at the time). I was immediately impressed with Brent’s mobility. Even though he’s a big guy he moves very well! After getting his black belt in the gi, now he’s one of a select few that have worked there way through two systems of grappling!

In the video below, Brent did an interview for our sister site Budovideos.jp and it aired on the Japanese Jiu-Jistu online show Valekata Jiu-Jitsu.

In the interview, Brent talks about perhaps the best argument I’ve heard on precisely how training in the gi helps a nogi practitioner.

Also he shares his reasons for choosing the topics of his 3 instructionals:

Link to all Brent's instructionals on DVD, Bluray, or On Demand --> HERE.

And finally he shares his thoughts on Japan.

Be on the lookout for another Brent Littell instructional in the near future!

-Budo Jake

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clean instructions! very cool

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