Top 5 Half Guard Videos for the Modern BJJ Practitioner

Next to the closed guard, the half guard is one of the most widely used guards in BJJ. When implemented properly, you can sweep, submit and take the back of almost any opponent. Below is our list of the top 5 Half Guard players and their respective instructionals.

1. 111 Half Guard Techniques 3 DVD Set with Caio Terra

Multiple time world champion Caio Terra is here to revolutionize your half guard! This voluminous 3 DVD set contains 111 half guard techniques taught from one of the most technical players in all of BJJ.

Caio Terra 111 Half Guard DVD BJJ

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2. The Coyote Half Guard 4 DVD Set by Lucas Leite

Lucas Leite's half guard is legendary in High Level BJJ. He's often seeing competing in the biggest events 2 weight classes higher than his own weight and implementing the very techniques he shows in this long awaited DVD set.

The coyote Half Guard Lucas Leite

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3. Battle Tested Half Guard 4 DVD Set by Bernardo Faria

Watch any Bernardo Faria match and you'll see him employ one of the most devastating half guards in BJJ against literally the toughest opponents in BJJ. Bernardo shows you how to properly set up the half guard, sweep from various passes and positions and as well as sparring footage.

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4. Jeff Glover's Deep Half Guard 6 Volume DVD Set

Nothing feels better than getting to deep half guard and sweeping your opponent just when he thinks he's got you smashed and thinks he's passing. Jeff is a master at this and on this 6 volume set, Jeff breaks down his complete deep half guard game.

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5. Reverse Half Guard by Philipe Della Monica

The Reverse Half Guard is a position that few BJJ practitioners are comfortable being in. In this first ever instructional set devoted to the Reverse Half Guard, Philipe shows how to get into the position, how to sweep, and how to get the submission.

Reverse half guard DVD by Philipe Della Monica BJJ

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