The top 5 instructionals for the beginnger BJJ student.

The beginning BJJ student can easily get overwhelmed with the vast amount of techniques and terminology needed to understand the art. Here are 5 instructionals that we think any beginning student would greatly benefit from:

 The Progression DVD by Roy Dean

1. The Progression 10 DVD Set by Roy Dean
Roy has a way of teaching that beginners can easily relate to. With his background in BJJ, Aikido, Jujutsu & Judo, he has a sublime understanding of body movement.

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2. Attack, Defend & Counter DVD by Draculino
Draculino is known worldwide for his excellence in teaching. It's no mistake that he has produced world champion Romulo Barral and other top students. In this instructional, Draculino teaches not only high percentage attacks, but also the corresponding defenses and counters.

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Great Escapes BJJ DVD by Gustavo Machado 

3. Great Escapes DVD by Gustavo Machado
The beginning BJJ student is generally going to be on the receiving end of plenty of submissions. By focusing of defense, the beginner will be able to stay safe and in the game longer.

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 Xande Ribeiro 5 DVD Set

4. Xande Ribeiro Instructional Series 5 DVD Set
Xande is one of the top instructors and athletes of our sport. He shares this deep knowledge with you across 5 DVDs focusing on all the major positions of BJJ

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Leglock Encyclopedia 5 DVD Set with Gokor Chivichyan

5. Leglock Encyclopedia with Gokor Chivichyan 5 DVD Set
While some believe beginners should not focus on leglocks, there's no disputing that lower limb submissions are gaining in popularity and Gokor has specialized in leg locks for longer than anyone else in the sport. Across 5 DVDs, Gokor teaches attacks and defenses for kneebars, ankle locks, toe holds, heel hooks & more.

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