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The Estima Lock by Victor Estima

If you have had the (mis?) fortune of being on the receiving end of the Estima lock, you know how effective it is. This has been an Estima brothers secret for a few years but soon the cat will be out of the bag.

In just a couple more weeks, Victor Estima's "Estima Lock" DVD will be out. It will also be available on-demand and as an app (iPhone & Android). Many of Victor's competitors have been injured due to how fast and effective this footlock is. I wanted to get Victor's thoughts on this so we sat down for a chat.

Budo Jake (BJ): How long have you been doing this foot lock?

Victor Estima (VE): I have been doing it since 2009, during the preparation for the ADCC in Barcelona.

BJ: You've had a lot of success doing this footlock in competition. The lock comes on super fast and your opponents sometimes don't even have time to tap. Does it make you feel bad to hurt one of your opponents?

VE: To be honest, actually it makes me a little upset but I know that my opponents would do exactly the same if they had a chance. The lock comes on really fast but all the competitors have a chance to tap before it hurt. What happens is that most fighters won't tap to foot locks and they under estimate the power of this technique.

BJ: Speaking about the effectiveness of this move, how can you practice this move safely in training?

VE: The way I like to practice is to drill the set ups and the way I lock the foot before I go all the way. For example I would press to pass the guard and when I feel the foot is vulnerable I get the grips tight but I won't pull full with force even if I don't succeed. I like to go all the way on drills but with grip a bit loose as well, it will help to understand the whole moment.

BJ: This has been an Estima family secret for some time now. Why did you decide to share it with the world?

VE: It was was amazing the feed back I got from the students all over the world. Everywhere I have gone, people were asking me to teach it so I thought It would be a good way to share it with more people. I also wanted to leave a mark on the BJJ World. I have been in the sport for quite some time and I wanted people to remember me after my career is over.

BJ: Now that your secret will soon be out, do you think you will have less success with it in competition?

VE: I am sure I will still be able to pull it off. When I get it in competition the opponents didn't even noticed how i did it. This card is in my sleeve any time. My game is not only about the Estima lock so it will work on my favor even if people know how I do it.

BJ: You and your brother are very innovative. What's the secret behind developing new moves? Is it all about having a playful or experimental attitude in training?

VE: I guess we are always studying the sport and learning from everyone all the time with a very open mind. This way we are always on the top of the wave. A lot of competitors are always making their game sharper and better but they forget to evolve. Jiu-jitsu is more than just a tough game on advantages or points. It's about being safe to counter attacks and finishes.

BJ: Long ago, leg locks had a bad image in BJJ. Still it's common for instructors to discourage lower belts from focusing on leg attacks and instead to focus on guard passing. What's your point of view on that?

VE: I believe that foot locks are also apart of BJJ and we can't ignore them as instructors. I would be concerned with fresh new students but as soon you are a blue belt you're able to understand it and use it carefully. The bad image caused by leg locks and foot locks was caused by the lack of knowledge on the subject by the instructors in the early stages of the sport. Now days we have to be prepared and good in all aspects of the sport. I also remember that our instructors used to tell us to avoid being reliant on foot locks so you don't forget to build all the other parts of your game.

You can get the Estima Lock DVD right here.

And while you're at it, why don't you watch a preview clip!

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Aaron Todd / Hi MarceloIt looks like the school is going good. I lost your nbemur when I got laid off at the end of February. I was looking on line and found your web page. We moved to Saint Louis, Missouri, you should come up we live about five minutes from a Ski Resort.I’ve got a job doing the same thing (just no money) and Nodira finally got a job about two weaks ago. So we things are looking starting to look up. I have not been training but have been offered two fights(not to hard). It’s very low level here one of my installer’s helper’s has had 13 fights he won 9 of them, but none where pro.Tell the guy’s hello Tyron, Dewy, Alex and all the other guy’s.I will call the nbemur that’s on the web page when im not at work.Aaron

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