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10 Things You Need to Know Before You Buy a BJJ Gi

I was in the storefront the other day talking to a new BJJ'er about his first gi. He had so many questions and it reminded me of how confusing it was buying a first gi. As I talked to this guy about weaves, cut, weight, & colors I thought, why not compile all of this information into a book?

So that's what I did. I wrote 20+ pages all about BJJ gis. You'll learn about:

  • All of the different weaves
  • Weights of gi material
  • Colors
  • Sizing
  • IBJJF legality
  • Caring for your gi
  • And more!

The book is free, all you need to do is to sign up for the Budovideos newsletter. So what are you waiting for? Go get it!

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charlie lewis

great selections

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