TWIBJJ Episode 49 - Rodrigo Freitas

The beginning of the year is always light on news so for the first episode of This Week in BJJ of 2014, Budo Jake talks about some of the biggest new and upcoming BJJ instructionals, a couple rashguards, 2 new e-books, and an interview and techniques from Rodrigo "Digo" Freitas.

First, there are some huge BJJ instructional releases. The Rafael Freitas set is already out and the others will be out next month!

Rafael Freitas Favorite Moves 3 DVD Set

Inverted Triangle DVD by Victor Estima

Estima Lock DVD by Victor Estima
Dynamic De-La-Riva DVD
by Michael Langhi

Dynamic Reverse De-La-Riva DVD
by Michael Langhi

Dynamic Spider Guard DVD
by Michael Langhi

Limited Edition Jiu Jitsu Nerd Rash Guard
by Nogi Industries

Limited Edition Jiu Jitsu Priest Rash Guard
by Nogi Industries

Getting Sponsored in BJJ by Budo Jake

Next, we get with a brief interview with Gracie Barra black belt - Rodrigo "Digo" Freitas who talks about:

-His training history

-Training and competing in the US vs Brazil

-His favorite BJJ match he's had

-Most important quality of a good student

-Most important quality of a good teacher

Rodrigo then shares a cool spider guard to De La Riva to x-guard sweep:

And lastly, Rodrigo shows a cool transition from spider guard to footlock.

And now for the Episode 49 of TWIBJJ with Rodrigo Freitas!


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