You'll be Surprised About These New IJF Judo Rules for 2014

Judo is not only a martial art, but also a sport. All sports have rules and Judo is no exception. Below, you'll find a video explaining all of the NEW rules for IJF Judo competition.

 There are new rules on how you can and cannot break grips:

Using two hands on one will get you penalized.

Striking your oppenents hand to break a grip will also result in a penalty.

Using your knee to break a grip is a no no.

There are a lot more rules and the video below explains them all in good detail.

Proponents of the new rules will argue that:

-Rule modifications keep the sport safe for practitioners.

-Rule changes are required to make the sport more entertaining for spectators.

Question for Judo athletes: What are your opinions of the new rules?

Question for BJJ athletes: Do these rule changes make you appreciate the freedom of the relative lack of rules for BJJ stand up?

Here's the video explaining all of the 2014 IJF rules for Judo competition:


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