Interview with Victor Estima on the Inverted Triangle

Last month I wrote about Victor Estima's upcoming Estima Lock instructional. Now it's time to preview the Victor's Inverted Triangle instructional!

If you've seen Victor or his brother Braulio compete, you've probably seen them pull off this move. Triangles are very common but inverted triangles are not so common. In fact, they are so overlooked that the Estima's brothers opponents often don't even see it coming until it's too late. It's such a cool submission I knew we had to make an instructional on it. It's been filmed, and is almost ready to drop. Here's a quick interview I did with Victor about his inverted triangle:

Budo Jake: When did you start incorporating the inverted triangle into your game?

Victor Estima: I learned it very early on in my BJJ career but I didn't have much success. As soon as my brother used this triangle in high level competition I went back to them as a Black belt and started to practice them and made very quick progress on it.

BJ: This triangle isn't a new position, but it's seems like not many people do it. Why do you think that is?

VE: Most people are afraid to commit to the move as a lot of the times you can end up with your guard passed. So not many people trust it. We have a very confident guard recovery and offensive style. Both of these qualities give us what we need to risk it.

BJ: Just like the Estima Lock, a lot of people don't seem to realize they're in danger from the inverted triangle until it's too late. Do you think the inverted triangle is a surprise move?

VE: Exactly for the way the set up works, the opponent feels very safe and a lot of the times they believe to be in a better position then us creating a false sense of success - the perfect moment for the attack.

BJ: The inverted triangle looks quite different from the regular triangle. Are the main points the same?

VE: The concepts are basically the same adjusting with hips to increase tightness around the opponents neck, keeping one arm and the head inside of your legs.

BJ: Do you think you'll have less success in competition now that you're teaching all of your moves?

VE: I don't believe so as there are so many forms of reactions. A lot of the times my opponent has to choose which submission to give away. He might defend the triangle but he will give up something else and vice versa.

BJ: You are well known for your Estima Lock and your Inverted Triangle. What would you say is your 3rd strongest submission?

VE: I have a lot success with arm bars and chokes from the back.

BJ: What are your goals for 2014?

VE: I have a big plan to become The world champion 2014 with the gi. I have been trying for a few years and I almost got it. I will commit more towards it then I have ever done before.

Victor Estima's Inverted Triangle DVD is now available for preorder! Of course, as with all of the Budo produced instructionals, it will also be available on-demand and as an app.

Watch the preview clip here:


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