Most Highly Anticipated Martial Arts Book Ever?

Many people doubted if this book would ever see the light of day after 3 years of delays but it's finally here - Eddie Bravo's Advanced Rubber Guard!

This giant 362 page book is loaded with high quality photos and detailed descriptions just like all of the Victory Belt published books were. Victory Belt really raised the bar on martial arts instructional books and it's a shame that this will be the last Victory Belt martial arts book AFIK.

Detailed descriptions and views from every angle ensure that no detail is lost:

The Advanced Rubber Guard is a follow up to the top seller (and now out of print) Mastering the Rubber Guard. Fans of the 10th Planet System will see tons of new developments and refinements to the rubber guard in this new volume. If you can't get a copy of the Mastering the Rubber Guard book, we do still have a limited supply of the Rubber Guard DVDs FYI.

Eddie is somewhat of a polarizing figure in the BJJ & MMA world with fierce supporters on one side and angry haters on the other side. A couple things you have to give Eddie credit for IMO are:

-He's great at naming moves. That doesn't mean everyone will like the names, but the names make things easy to explain quickly and the names also help make the movements easy to remember. Once you learn the "zombie", the "lockdown", and the "bouncer" you will laugh at the simplicity and brilliance of the naming convention. Naming moves and micro moves are important. I remember asking a Brazilian instructor about a particular choke. "What is this choke called" I asked. "Uh, we call it a strangle" was his reply! Lol.

You have to admit, hands free submissions are pretty cool:

-He shares everything he knows. Some instructors like to keep secrets. Or they just show certain moves to their inner circle. I've trained with Eddie a few times and it's clear that holding things back is just not in his personality. He's eager to share whatever he's working on and he's also quick to admit that he doesn't know everything. I recall him saying that he's probably a purple belt in darcing people. That takes some humility to acknowledge your weak areas and it is also really cool to show everything without keeping secrets.

So that's what you have here with the Advanced Rubber Guard. Eddie is showing everything he's worked on since the release of Mastering the Rubber Guard.

In addition to Rubber Guard, there are also chapters on Butterfly Guard, Quarter Guard, Lockdown Half, X-Clinch, Prison Guard, Spider Web, and Escapes.

Do you know the Prison Guard?

Get your copy of Eddie Bravo's Advanced Rubber Guard today!



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