Yoseikan Sogo Budo by Minoru Mochizuki DVD 1

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The late Mochizuki sensei has a long list of martial arts credentials, including 10th dan, Meijin Aikido, 9th dan jujutsu. 8th dan, Iaijutsu. 8th dan, Judo. 5th dan, Kendo. 5th dan, Karate.

After studying all of these arts, Mochizuki founded Yoseikan Budo.

This video contains the following:

  • Demo by Mochizuki
  • Basic form
  • Footwork
  • Techniques demonstrated by Patrick Auge
  • Paired sword forms
  • Sacrifice throws (Sutemiwaza)
  • Taking the attacker's sword (Tachitori)
  • Taking the attacker's staff (Bodori)
  • 2 person & 3 person grab by Mochizuki
  • Multi person attack by Mochizuki

The multi person defense features attackers armed with benches, oars, clubs, and chairs. It has to be seen to be believed!

Language: Japanese

Run time: 45 min.