Yokomen-uchi Basic Practice Methods DVD with Seishiro Endo

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The featured seminar was the 15th Annual Aikido Saku Dojo Summer Seminar of August 2009.

Chapter titles:   
01 Yokomen-uchi Suburi and grasping distance 
02 Movement for cutting down (top of the wrist) 
03 Yokomen-uchi Shihonage 
04 Yokomen-uchi Iriminage 
05 Yokomen-uchi Ikkyo 
06 Movement for cutting down (side of the arm) 
07 Yokomen-uchi Kotegaeshi 
08 Yokomen-uchi Iriminage (side of the arm) 
09 Movement using the arm, Ikkyo 
10 Yokomen-uchi Jiyuwaza