Yamanni Ryu: Okinawan Bo-Jutsu DVD with Toshihiro Oshiro

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Yamanni Ryu, the most aristocratic of the Okinawan weapon arts, was previously taught only to the most dedicated martial artists, by direct transmission, master to student. Preserved and nurtured as a cultural treasure of Okinawa by just four senior instructors, it is presented here for the first time since its creation by a member of this distinguished group. Includes all fundamental techniques and training methods of Yamanni Ryu, static and dynamic, as well as: kata, Suuji no Kun, Choun no Kun Sho and Dai, Ryubi no Kun and Kumi Bo combat techniques. A comprehensive and culturally significant treatment of an art previously spoken of, but very rarely seen.

55 min.

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Michael Perry
Yammani Ryu: keepin’ it real when you can’t use a yard of steel!

Stuck in your house during the pandemic?

Use this video to acquaint or reacquaint yourself with the elegance of the six foot staff. You will find this video both engaging and systematic no matter what Kobudo style is your “mother Style”.

If you are an advanced student, you will have a lot of fun applying the principles set forth in this DVD to the other Kobudo weapons.

To do this, consider the staff as “the mother of all Kobudo weapons”. In practicing the other weapons, consider them as attempting to defend against the staff while simultaneously applying the principles of power and position learned through using the staff.

Trust me! This make quarantine a whole lot of fun!

I’ve never had to hit someone in the head with a staff before, BUT IF THEY COME FOR MY TOILET PAPER I HAVE SOMETHING FOR THEIR A**, now!!!

Thank you Yammani Ryu. THANK YOU!!!!

Charlie Berg

Yamanni Ryu: Okinawan Bo-Jutsu DVD with Toshihiro Oshiro

Erduan Avdic
great dvd.

great dvd.