Weng Chun Kung Fu 6 1/2 Principles Form DVD with Andreas Hoffman

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Let Weng Chun Kung Fu´s Grandmaster Andreas Hoffmann personally guide you to learn the ancient 6 1/2 principles Form. Learn the basics of Weng Chun Kung Fu, weapon fighting and explore the secret of the Southern Shaolin Temple. See with your own eyes why many people see Weng Chun as the forefather of Wing Chun and Hung Gar and as one of the most effective martial arts. Learn to fight with principles, because in a real combat situation the confusion generated by surprise, fear and stress is too great to solve it with a large number of techniques. Learn the same form with double knives, long pole and wooden dummy. Become a Chan/Zen warrior through the application of the principles in your daily life and boost your energy with the help of this ancient Form.


Language: English, Spanish, Italian, French