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Wing Chun Combat Tactics Seminar Part 1 DVD by Gary Lam

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In this DVD, world renowned Wing Chun master, Sifu Gary Lam, reveals the core concepts of the Wing Chun fighting system. He explains the combat applications demonstrating not only techniques for fighting, but also the principles behind them. You'll learn the proper usage of lines, angles, and facing during fighting. Also the real world theory and application of TAAN SAU as well as the FOOK SAU. Finally the true meaning of Wing Chun. For the martial arts practitioner, this DVD is a must have!

DVD Content Includes:

  • Intro
  • The Real Meaning of Wing Chun / Ving Tsun
  • Line Fighting
  • Angle Fighting
  • Facing
  • Elbow Down But Why?
  • The use of Ying and Yang
  • Breaking and maintaining balance in Wing Chun
  • The fighting weak points
  • TAAN
  • FOOK