Weapon Arts of Okinawa DVD 1 with Shinpo Matayoshi

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The formerly secret techniques of the Bo, Tonfa, Nunchaku, and Eku of this internationally famous teacher's style! Presented as a series of lectures in which Matayoshi Sensei, 10th Dan, Hanshi describes the correct use of the weapons and demonstrates techniques, kata, and applications. This program includes stunning performances of both versions of the kata Hakutsuru no Kenpo that the author learned from the famed White Crane teacher, Go Ken Ki.

50 min.

Customer Reviews

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Harold Asbury
A Worthy Pair of Volumes on Kobudo

I'm not an experienced Kobudo practitioner. I spent decades doing Chinese martial arts. An excellent dvd pair that gives detailed discussion as well as demonstration of the material. You can tell he sees bo training as the centerpiece of the art because of the amount of time he spends on it. It looks to be fully half of the first volume. He includes instruction for bo, eku-bo, tonfa, nunchaku, sai, kama and nunti-sai. Bo and Sai in particular have some interesting nuggets of information. His application sections are extremely short and to the point, but for the weapons he emphasizes the most, he gives ideas throughout his presentations about use in a general way. Some weapons get demonstrations of basics in some detail, and some he instructs by giving a kata to do. Bo has three kata. Some might be put off by the fact that he doesn't treat all weapons equally. From what I've seen, Kobudo practitioners do seem to favor a weapon or two. Clearly done a while back, but still, these are well worth having!

Michael Gutierrez
Weapon Arts of Okinawa with Matayoshi Shinpo Volumes 1&2.

The videos were packaged extremely well t ensure that they arrived in excellent condition. I am now enjoying the videos as well as incorporating them into my training.