Warriors 2 - The Return of Krav Warriors - Krav-Maga, Kapap & Close Combat 2 DVD Set

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Alain Formaggio
Moshe Galisko
Alessandro Del Pia
Jean-Michel Lerho
Ciro Lenti
Claudio Parmelli
Stephanie Dumont

The ICOSS (lnternational Confederation Of Self-defense Systems) experts are reunited again in an exceptional seminary in Italy.
This Double DVD show you more than 110 self defense techniques explained and detailed by world famous professionals. Each of them, highly qualified, are sharing their favorite techniques, advice and tricks, what you must, what you mustn't do, to face unexpected situations efficiently. You can take the best of a very complete method, essentially based on Krav Maga, including defense strikes, holds, different weapons, throws, controls…

In this video:
Alain FORMAGGIO (France) World Technical Director of the World Krav Maga Federation. World Technical Director of the international Federation of the Armed Forces and security agents.Co-fondator of Close-combat Operational System.
Moshe GALISKO (Israel) : World Technical Director of the International Kapap Association.
Alessandro DEL PIA (Italy) : President of the World Krav Maga Federation and Technical Director in Italy. Coordinator Europe Kapap IKA.
Jean-Michel LERHO (Belgium) : Technical Director Europe of the World Krav Maga Federation et Co-fondator of the Close-combat Operational System.
Ciro LENTI (Italy) : Technical Director in Italy for the World Krav Maga Federation.
Claudio PARMELLI : Local Technical Director in Italy (WKMF).
Stéphanie DUMONT (France): Co-director of Self-defense for women.

Special guests and bonus :
- Hervé GHELDMAN (Switzerland) : President of Swiss Sambo Federation.
- Serge SERFATI (France) : FFKDA Expert.

Languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian
Running Time: 200 Minutes

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