Vale Tudo Japan 96-97 DVD

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During Vale Tudo events 1994 and 1995 Japanese MMA fighters lost many fights to competitors from abroad. Since then, the Japanese fighters have worked hard on their skills which they display in Vale Tudo 1996 -1997. Highlights of this DVD are the must see Enson Inoue and Frank Shamrock fight and the Royler Gracie vs. Noboru Asahi match.

1 Hayama Shonan Tomoaki VS Alex Cook
2 Sanae Kikuta VS Mushtaq Abdullah
3 Yumiko HottaVS
4 Joe Estes VS Ed de Kruijf
5 Todd Bjornethun VS Eric Lavigne
6 Dan Severn VS Doug Murphey
7 Rumina Sato VS John Lewis
8 Ensen Inoue VS Igor Zinoviev
9 Noboru Asahi VS Royler Gracie

1 Jyutaro Nakao VS Steve Nelson
2 Hayato Sakurai VS Marcelo Aguiar
3 Kenji Kawaguchi VS Jan Lomulder
4 Tatsumi Uchu VS Joao Roque
5 Tom Erikson VS Ed de Kruijf
6 Carlos Newton VS Erik Paulson
7 Rumina Sato VS John Lewis
8 Ensen Inoue VS Frank Shamrock

This is a region 2 DVD and will play on "Region 2" or "All region" players.

Language: Japanese

Length: 193 min.