Understanding Qigong DVD 5: Small Circulation by Dr Yang, Jwing Ming

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Develop Your Body's Energetic Circulatory System

In Understanding Qigong DVD 5, renowned Qigong expert and author Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming discusses the theory of Small Circulation qigong meditation.

Small Circulation meditation is also known as the microcosmic orbit in the Buddhist tradition and yoga. Using this technique, one may develop the main energetic circulation pathway of the body, which in turn provides abundant energy to the circulatory system branching out to the entire body. The practice can improve your general health, and it is a fundamental step in the practice of spiritual enlightenment meditation.

Dr. Yang's systematic approach to teaching offers deep insight into the ancient art of Qigong with modern scientific data to support his theory from both an Eastern and Western perspective.

This program is a must for serious qigong students, meditators, and healers, and it is recommended for yoga practitioners interested in studying the internal side of practice.

  • Dr. Yang offers a review of his qigong theory as it pertains to Small Circulation.
  • Candle Training for meditation.
  • Learn about the key turning Qi points in qigong meditation.
  • Understand the differences between traditional and modified practice.
  • Dr. Yang offers advice on how to safely start your own small circulation practice.