Ultimate Ground Fighting 2 DVD Set with Shahram Moosavi

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Ex-Iranian Secret Service Agent, Shahram Moosavi, was an elite front line soldier who was trained in what is called in the Middle East as "Blood Tomorrow" training. You must learn and master moves one day, then live combat the next. If you fail, you die, it's that simple.

After 3 long years of 'mortal combat' on the front lines, against better armed and more savage opponents during the Iran/Iraq war, Shahram became a ranking member of the Persian "Control Grogun Vahhead", the most feared (and most employed) arm of the secret service there.

Then he decided to escape! Shahram's escape from Iran was no small feat, you get caught, you die, no trial. After setting up a meager life in the US, Shahram set out on his greatest mission...rescuing his family in Iran. He snuck through the mountains and deserts of Pakistan (where the night temperature can reach 140 degrees!), fighting thieves, snakes, scorpions, and going for days without water.

All the while knowing that if he got caught, he would be dead within the hour. He went through this hell to rescue his parents and siblings, not once... but twice!
Moosavi thinks Americans are "soft", and he's right.  Can you imagine going to a store-front karate dojo in your town, learning a few "moves", and using them the next day to save your life against a veteran fighter?  Not a chance. Iran is where Moosavi honed his skills 'the quickly-learned skills of hand-to-hand combat where only one man walks away alive.

You've never seen a video-taped presentation like this before.  Everybody talks about ground fighting now, because those pay-television "no rules" fights have proven beyond doubt the deadly power that ground fighters have over EVERYONE.  Good ground fighting secrets take away ALL your opponents powers... with these secrets...

    * You can beat larger, stronger and more athletic men in seconds...
    * You can destroy the fancy skills of the most talented boxer, black belt specialist, or weapon-wielding opponent...
    * You can control the damage you inflict with surgeon-like precision...
    * And... You will fear no man, of any size or talent, ever again.
If you have any doubt as to the effectiveness of this type of fighting, Moosavi graciously puts those doubts away at the end of tape two 'when he single-handedly takes on a dozen experienced fighters, one after the other, bringing them to submission in a matter of seconds.  That's right...

He Proves These Secrets Work By Fighting 12 Hard Core Experts... With The Cameras Rolling!

And he never breaks a sweat, even as each succeeding fighter puts more and more effort into his attack.  (These "guest" fighters include Judo blackbelts, Wing Chun Kung Fu experts, unamused Tae Kwon Do black belt masters, 6'2" streetfighters with something to prove, and very angry White Tiger Kung Fu experts.  Not one of them controlled the ground fight for a split second.  All were humbled. You have to see this "all out" fight for yourself to believe it.  These "experts" were embarrassed... and forced to admit Moosavi's superiority.)

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Very Effective

Enjoyed this video a lot. I have been studying self defense for over 12 years and found a number of great ideas here. His mix of Filipino and JKD and Brazilian Jujitsu is first rate.

Great Video

This video is very well done and I found the instruction easy to follow. I was amazed when he fought 12 guys from different style one at a time and easily submitted them. I have already used some of what he teaches in my own sparring with success.