Ultimate Aikido Introduction DVD by Yasuhisa Shioda

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This DVD was released to line up with Gozo Shioda's 100th birthday.

Yasuhisa Shioda was born to Gozo Shioda, a master of unprecedented life, and started Aikido at the age of 13. Since then, he has been walking with Aikido. While practicing at the Aikido Yoshinkan, the head temple of Aikido, he has been focusing on the spread of Aikido at universities, police, companies, and cultural centers. This is an epoch-making methodology taught by Yasuhisa Shioda, in which self-discipline based on the reasoning of Aikido and basic postures, basic movements, and basic techniques can be acquired reliably and efficiently.


Jiko Tanren (Self Training)
 後方受身 Koho Ukemi
 前方回転受身 Zenpo Kaiten Ukemi
 前方飛躍受身 Zenpo Hiyaku Ukemi
 膝行法 Shikko Ho
 木刀素振り Bokuto Suburi
 剣を持った前方回転受身 Zenpo Kaiten Ukemi Holding a Sword
 素振り腹筋 Practice Swing, Abdominal Muscles
 素振りスクワット Suburi Squat

基本姿勢 Kihon Sisei (Basic Posture)
 構え Kamae
 構えの極意 Kamae no Gokui (Secrets of Kamae)

基本動作 Kihon Dosa (Basic Movement)
 直線運動 臂力の養成(一)Straight Line Exercise: Hiriki no Yosei (1)
 回転運動 体の変更(二)Kaiten Undo - Tai no Henko (2)
 重心移動 臂力の養成(二)Jushin Ido - Hiriki no Yosei (2)

合気道の理合 Aikido no Riai
 回転と重心移動 Kaiten and Jushin Ido
 集中力 Shuchu-ryoku ミ The Power of Concentration
 タイミング Timing
 回転運動 Kaiten Undo
 ひねり Hineri
 引き込む Hiki Komu
 一対多 One Against Many (Ichi Tai Ta)

基本技法 Kihon Giho (Basic Techniques)
 片手持ち四方投げ Katate Mochi Shiho Nage
 正面打ち一カ条抑え Shomen Uchi Ikajo Osae
 片手持ち二カ条抑え Katate Mochi Nikajo Osae
 正面打ち三カ条抑え Shomen Uchi Sankajo Osae
 正面打ち四カ条抑え Shomen Uchi Yonkajo Osae
 片手持ち側面入身投げ Katate Mochi Sokumen Irimi Nage
 正面打ち正面入身投げ Shomen Uchi Shomen Irimi Nage
 胸持ち肘締め Mune Mochi Hiji Shime
 片手持ち肘当て呼吸投げ Katate Mochi Hiji Ate Kokyu Nage
 正面打ち小手返し Shomen Uchi Kote Gaeshi
 両手持ち天地投げ Ryote Mochi Tenchi Nage
 呼吸法 Kokyu Ho

Language: Japanese with English subtitles

Length: 116 min

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