Traditional Aikido Vol 5: Training Works Wonders Book by Morihiro Saito (Hardcover)(Preowned)

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Part 5 of Saito's original 5 part series includes the following topics:

  • Identity of aikido as a martial art
    -Essence of aikido
    -Aikido in post war years
  • Training methods of aikido
    -Essentials -Variety and sequence of training methods -Do s and don'ts while in training -Demonstration of performances
  • Aikido techniques -How to hold -Solid, flexible, and flowing exercises -Variation of techniques -Techniques against group attack -Methods of training against group attacks -How to use your feet and hips
  • Roundtable meeting regarding the founder's life and philosophy (Saito, Sugawara, Ohkoshi, Isoyama, Fukasaku, Fujieda

Printed in 1976

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Jon Helliwell
Classic Aikido Book

The whole Traditional Aikido series by Saito Sensei is amazing but of all the volumes, volume 5 is my favorite.