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Toyama Ryu Batto Jutsu DVD with Masaharu Mukai

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The military sword fencing methodology was implemented in the Toyama Military Academy before the war in order to train officers of the Imperial Japanese Army in the art of sword fighting. The result of this work with the new sword called Gunto of the new imperial army is now called Gunto Soho. This encrypted fencing was for officers who inherited the traditions of the Samurai and was improved due to the contributions from different real war scenarios . After the occupation of Japan , all martial arts were banned . Thanks to the commitment of a few graduates of the Military Academy Toyama, who continued secretly they were able to keep alive the art until laws were changed and the sovereignty of their nation was returned to the Japanese people, today we know of a style of fencing within several existing Iai -Do schools. The Zen Nihon Toyama Ryu Iai -Do Renmei ( ZNTIR ) is the current organization that after reviewing and adapting the different concepts and the methodology of a school that came from real war based experience intends to maintain this tradition alive by the original forms a system that unifies body, mind and spirit realistically and effectively. This DVD was created to present to everyone, a combat style with a real sword, created during the last century, but with roots in the ancient fighting techniques of feudal Japan. You will find the basic structure of the methodology that applies in the style, from the coded warm up and preparation exercises, traditional court rituals, the katas of the school, parter training and initiation in the Tameshigiri or court exercises on a real target , the cornerstone of the Toyama- Ryu. We hope that knowledge of the existence of a style such as the Toyama- Ryu Batto -Jutsu is a shock in a traditional way and yet very different from current combat disciplines to attract those who want to go further in their martial arts practices. Those interested in the Japanese sword and the initiated will find this DVD useful as a support tool in their practice and a guide for consultation.

Languages included in DVD: English, Español, Italiano, Français