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Top Rock Turbo DVD with Reilly Bodycomb.

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This is a recording of a two-part seminar on an updated and dynamic approach to combining guard passing with leg locking. This system (proven to be effective in competition by the Rdojo fight team) aims to simplify the attack method for leg-lockers who want to tighten up their top game.

  • Updated finishes for inside heel hooks

  • Details on finishing the cross-body ankle lock

  • Updated 'high top rock' method of leg entanglement entry

  • Updated top rock kneebar finish explained

  • X-pass to back-step flow explained

  • Side-ride to knee-ride flow explained

  • Updated 'vegan mount' passing details

    Run time 72 minutes. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Marcin Pirog
Leg locks

Awesome videos of leg locks. Spot on.

Please make this availible om goolge app store

I own top rocl the original and his seminar videos and i have never been disappointed. Please make this availible for google play store or on demand here

Travis Y.
Awesome stuff

Great information on this DVD to feed your mind and body. I will definitely be looking into Bodycomb's other titles.

Ben Peterson
Top Rock Turbo Review

Excellent DVD from Reilly Bodycomb; having seen some of his leg lock material I was really looking forward to this. Highly recommend, at a great price as well.