Tomiki Aikido DVD with Ken Broome

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Throughout his life, Morihei Ueshiba (the founder of Aikido) had many students and of course not all of them were in agreement with the content and direction of the art. This was the case with Kenji Tomiki.

Kenji Tomiki regarded Aikido as a complement to Judo, although different, and considered both arts as the modern expression of the essence of the multiple schools of ancient Jujutsu.

In this video you will learn a series of techniques selected among the Koryu no Kata (forms of traditional Tomiki Aikido), as well as the modern free practice conditioning forms. These new forms are:

1- Randori no Kata - also known as the Junana hon no Kata, or Kata of the 17 basic techniques

2- Tanto Randori no Kata - or free practice form with tanto

This tape also includes the Go Shin Ho kata of the Shodokan Dojo and introduces you to the free practice methods (kakarigeiko, hikitakegeiko, Toshu Randori) of the Tomiki Aikido system.

Ken Broome and the Hogg brothers both teach and work in Dr. Lee Ah Loi's dojo in London, one of the best known Tomiki Aikido schools in the west.

Language: English, Spanish, Italian, French

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Matthew P
Awesome instructional

Very happy with my purchase, it's exactly what I was after, a no nonsense demonstration of certain aspects of Tomiki aikido. Now I just wish there was a Tomiki aikido club in my state.