Tomari-Te Training Kyohan DVD by Yoshitomo Yamashiro

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    • Introduction

    • About Senaka No Kitae (Training back muscle)
      ・Senaka No Kitae (Training back muscle) 1
      ・Senaka No Kitae (Training back muscle) 2
      ・Senaka No Kitae (Training back muscle) 3
      ・Senaka No Kitae 1 - POINTS
      ・Senaka No Kitae 1 - POINTS for beginners
      ・Senaka No Kitae 2 - POINTS
      ・Senaka No Kitae 2 - POINTS for beginners
      ・Senaka No Kitae 3 - POINTS
      ・Senaka No Kitae 3 - POINTS for beginners

    • About Jodan, Chudan, and Gedan Uke
      ・Jodan, Chudan, and Gedan Uke
      ・Jodan, Chudan, and Gedan Uke - POINTS

    • About Oshiai
      ・Oshiai [Press each other] - POINTS
      ・Flexible Oshiai - POINTS

    • Training for fighting
      ・Senaka No Kitae (Training back muscle) for Tsuki power 1
      ・Senaka No Kitae (Training back muscle) for Tsuki power 2
      ・Jodan Uke Development
      ・Chudan Uke Development
      ・Oshiai Development
      ・Flexible Oshiai Development 1
      ・Flexible Oshiai Development 2

    • Nage (Throw)
      ・Nage from wrestling (Okinawa Sumo)
      ・Nage in close distance Variation 1
      ・Nage in close distance Variation 2

    • Training of stance into techniques
      ・Seisan Dachi
      ・Naihanchi Dachi

  • “Talking about the result of training” - Practice explanation (Yoshitomo Yamashiro × Katsunori Kikuno × Hiroto Shinohara)

Language: Japanese & English

Run Time: 97 min.