TOMARI-TE Seminar Introduction to Pinan (Shodan, Nidan and Sandan) DVD

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The profundity of Okinawa Kenpo build the base for the actual fighting by Naihanchi.
And the strength of a battle is made from Seisan, and in order to apply it and to change it, there are Pinan, Passai, Kushanku and Niseishi...

  • Introduction
  • Breathing method to bring the mind and body together
  • Pinan Shodan 1 (Yoi)
  • Pinan Shodan 2 (Shuto-Uke)
  • Pinan Shodan 3 (Nukite)
  • Pinan Shodan 4 (Drop elbows)
  • Pinan Nidan (Lower COG for power)
  • Pinan Sandan 1 (Tenshin)
  • Pinan Sandan 2 (Make the opponent grab)
  • Pinan Sandan 3 (Create the axis on the outside)
  • Take your opponent’s center
  • Strong Tsuki
  • Nage using centripetal force
  • Q & A

Language: Japanese & English

Run Time: 100 min.