Token - Battle Sword DVD by Ryumon Yamato

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Sword enthusiast Ryumon Yamato has studied many forms of swordsmanship and has developed a new system of training using bokuto (wooden sword), padded bokuto, steel pipes, and hanbo.

-Warm up

-Steel pipe training

-Bokuto (wooden sword) basic training

-Padded bokuto (wooden sword) training
--Incorporating kicks
--Blocking with arms

-Training with 2 padded bokuto (wooden sword)

-Hanbo paired training

-Hanbo self defense

-Iai paired kata

-Iai solo kata

Language: Japanese

Length: 130 min.


Customer Reviews

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David Nagy
This is a good guide

This is a good guide for a "club-like" use of the japanese sword. I believe that the katana was rarely used the way described in this dvd. But it is very good if someone wants to use a club or a strong bokken but not for a japanese sword. This is not a kenjutsu style for a real sharpened sword use. But it would be good for self defence with a stick or something like that.