TK Fight School DVD 3 with Tsuyoshi Kosaka

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In this 3rd volume, Tsuyoshi Kosaka takes your game to a higher level not by just showing one technique after another but by teaching "chained techniques". He shows how to combine your attacks with strikes, counter strikes, takedowns, ground and pound, and more.
Punch then takedown
-Jab then double leg
-Overhand then double leg
-Uppercut then double leg
Double leg feint then punch
-Double leg to straight punch
-Double leg to hook
-Double leg to knee
-Double leg to clinch uppercut
Putting 3 moves together
-Jab to double leg to straight punch
-Double leg to overhand to double leg
-Double leg to knee to double leg
-Double leg to clinch uppercut to double leg

-Counter straight punch with double leg
-Counter knee with osotogari
-Counter double leg with knee
-Counter double leg with uppercut
-Counter double leg with knee 2
-Stand up from guard and counter strike with double leg
-Stand up from guard and counter strike
-Stand up from guard and counter with knee
-Ground and pound from closed guard and pass
-Open the closed guard and pass
-Counter opponents strikes in your closed guard and take the back
-Elbow fro half guard and pass
-Strike from side control to get the arm
-Mount position
-Maintaining the back position and strike
-Sand bag
-Ground and pound

Language: Japanese

Length: 139 min.