The Original Berimbolo DVD by Samuel Braga

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Samuel Braga - the creator of the Berimbolo is here to teach you the famous sweep and its many variations!
1 Intro
2 Basic principles of De La Riva
3 De La Riva drills
4 Rolling over shoulders
5 Taking advantage of the back step pass
6 Berimbolo from back step pass
7 Berimbolo from forcing the back step pass
8 Berimbolo under pressure
9 Berimbolo from double guard pull
10 Berimbolo from both knees down
11 Countering the counter
12 Berimbolo with ezekiel
13 Grip variations from berimbolo
14 Berimbolo foot lock
15 Berimbolo to 50/50
16 Dealing with foot locks during berimbolo
17 Berimbolo armbar
18 Berimbolo triangle
19 Berimbolo to leg drag
20 Berimbolo reverse armbar
21 Berimbolo drill
22 Deep half guard to berimbolo
23 Reverse De La Riva to berimbolo
Bonus: This Week in BJJ episode 23 featuring Samuel Braga

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Brian Davis

The Original Berimbolo DVD by Samuel Braga

The Original Berimbolo

Not a technique I utilize frequently but a great video to watch nonetheless. Gold standard for understanding berimbolo strategy.