The Half Guard Connection: High Percentage Half Guard and Deep Half Guard Techniques DVD with Wander Braga.

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In this DVD, Wander "The Crusher" Braga shares his personal, high percentage half-guard and deep half guard techniques. Wander Braga is a 4th degree Black Belt under Jorge Pereira and also trained with the legendary Master Rickson Gracie. Wander resided for more than 10 years in Los Angeles, where he promoted many fights and taught in-depth classes and training sessions. Professor Braga is also the master of BJJ World Champion and former UFC heavyweight title contender Gabriel Gonzaga.
Currently, Wander has a 15-1 record in MMA and decided it was time to return to Brazil to share all his experience and knowledge for the development of MMA and BJJ in Brazil.

Bonus Feature:  Interview with Wander "The Crusher" Braga