The Guard BJJ Techniques 2 DVD Set by Abmar Barbosa

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This 2 DVD set is packed with 54 different techniques including some incredible creative guardwork by Abmar Barbosa.


Disc 1: Spider guard & Lasso guard
1.Rotation sweep from spider guard
2. Abmar type Rotation sweep from spider guard
3 .Abmar type The triangle choke from spider guard
4. Counter triangle choke from spider guard...etc

Disc 2: Closed guard
1. Abmar type armbar from Closed guard
2. Sweep from Closed guard
3. Sweep(2) from Closed guard...etc

Butterfly guard
1. Sweep from Butterfly guard
2. Hook sweep from Butterfly guard
3. Triangle choke from Butterfly guard...etc

Half Spider and inverted de la riva guard
1. Take back from Half Spider guard
2. Sweep from Half Spider guard
3. Sweep from inverted de la riva guard
4. Rotation sweep from Half Spider guard...etc
Language: Portuguese with Japanese subtitles