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*SIGNED* The Gracie Diet Book (1st Edition) (Preowned)

*SIGNED* The Gracie Diet Book (1st Edition) (Preowned)

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Foreword by Pedro Valent, M.D - i
Introduction - iii                                                                                      


Chapter 1: Your Diet IS Your Life
Origins of the Gracie Diet - 3   
Your Diet Determines the Quality of Your Life - 4  
Dietary Decisions - 5    

Chapter 2: The Key to Good Health – Proper Food Combinations
The Food Industry Isn’t Interested in Your Health - 8
Stories of the Healing Powers of the Gracie Diet - 9  
You Have Nothing to Lose and Everything to Gain - 10   
It’s not What You Eat, It’s What You Eat It With - 11  

Chapter 3: Where Are You Now?
Food is Everywhere! - 14
Establish a Base Point - 14
Chapter 4: The Hard Part – Changing Your Eating Habits
Make Healthy Eating a Habit - 23
Changing Habits Requires a Plan - 24 
Current Weekly Food Routine - 25 

Chapter 5: Getting Started
Three Steps to a Newer, Healthier, and Happier You - 29  
Your First meal on the Gracie Diet - 31 


Chapter 6: A Family Affair
The Power of Personal Example - 36  
A Quick and Simple Way to Kick the Junk food Habit - 37  
What to Do When Kids Demand Junk Food - 37
How to win the Kids Over, One Bite at a Time - 38
How to Inspire Your Loved Ones - 38   

Chapter 7: Beyond the First Three Phases of the Gracie Diet
Don’t be Afraid to Ask for the Best - 40    
Your Guide to Food Combinations - 41   
Fasting - 45      

Chapter 8: The Gracie Diet on the Go 
How to Eat Healthily When You’re on the Run - 48 
Learn the Gracie Diet Food Selection Process - 49 
How Well do You Know the Combinations? - 50 
Real Life Examples Drawn from the Menus of Popular Restaurants - 52
Chapter 9: Tips for Losing Weight
How Dieting helps You to Acquire The Gracie “Iron Will” - 59
Calorie Control - 59      
Play This game at Your Next meal - 60
A Surefire Way to Burn Fat - 60
Managing Your Carbohydrates - 61  
Protein Sources - 61  
Critical fat Facts - 61
How to Lose Weight and Still Occasionally Enjoy Alcohol - 62

Chapter 10: The Role of Exercise
Make it Fun - 65 
Start Simple - 65
Keep Climbing - 66 

Chapter 11: The Final Round
Tips and Reminders - 68
The Gracie Diet 14-Day Meal Plan - 70
Parting Comment - 71
Entrees Menu Index - 77

Language: English

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keith romer
A good book but not a law book

Well written I had a Dr. specific to complications from poor diet look at it. He had know problem with the diet. My thought is the diet trys to maintain a certain p h within the stomach. I think it works. I do believe anyone would do well on this diet. I would like to know more about some of the testing they used to come up with their reasoning. I do not agree with everything. I think like anything it is a guide .