The Foundation of Pangamot Knives DVD by Manoy Felix Pascua

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Manoy Felix Pascua is the founder of the Filipino Full Combative System of PANGAMOT.
He teaches the PANGAMOT style created by the Rubillos Clan in Leyte Island, Philippines.
 Felix, who is also known as Dong Meyong, shares the rapid 10 angle attack and defense from his family lineage. His experience with real-life use of live weapons is well known, and the technique is fast and furious.
~Ten angles of Pangamot strikes
~Pangamot knives drills
~Counter attack that finishes quickly
~Pangamot footwork
~Pangamot stance
~Combining slashing and stabbing
~Unarmed vs knife
~Attack & defense fundamentals practice
~ Incorporating kicking in the Pangamot system 
Bonus Clip : Live seminar highlight of Manoy Felix conducting his seminar @ KALI METHOD,  Upland, California
Length: 42 min.

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Stephen Browne
Good solid foundation stuff

The Foundation of Pangamot Knives DVD by Manoy Felix Pascua is a look into one of the myriad of Filipino family styles that are only now coming to light. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this to any beginner for its solid foundation skills and advanced practitioners will find it useful to expand their knowledge of how different people move with a knife.