The Butterfly Guard Bly Ray With Rick Marshall Budovideos
The Butterfly Guard DVD With Rick Marshall Budovideos
Rick Marshall Butterfly Guard DVD and Blu Ray butterfly guard recovery
Rick Marshall Butterfly Guard DVD and Blu Ray X Guard
Rick Marshall Butterfly Guard DVD and Blu Ray guillotine
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The Butterfly Effect DVD by Rick Marshall

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The butterfly guard is an excellent guard for grappling and for MMA. Used for sweeping and for setting up submissions, the butterfly guard is an essential guard in the martial artists repertoire. 

In this instructional, 10th Planet Redlands instructor and black belt, Rick Marshall shares the critical concepts and techniques to dominate your opponents with the butterfly guard.
You'll learn how to get to your opponent's back, how to get on top, how to set up armbars and chokes, and even how to recover if he starts to pass your butterfly guard.
With concise, clear instruction, Rick Marshall will show you why you need to master the butterfly guard to be a well rounded grappler.

0. Intro
2. CBS Concept for Butterfly Sweeps
3. Fighting for double unders
4. Blast double under sweep
4. Getting into shoulder clamp
5. Armbar & mummy armbar 1
6. Armbar & mummy armbar 2
7. Shoulder clamp sweep
8. Topside armbar
9. Judo side control
10. Head & arm choke
11. Mounted guillotine
12. Ninja roll
13. Butterfly to X to twister side
14. Chin strap sweep from clamp
15. Getting to over unders
16. Over Under basic butterfly sweep 1
17 Over Under basic butterfly sweep 2
18. Post off basic sweep
19. Over under sweep to triangle
20. Butterfly to face plant (guillotines & sweep)
21. Butterfly arm drag to back
22. Butterfly arm drag to armbar
23. Butterfly recovery 1
24. Butterfly recovery 2
25. Butterfly recovery 3
26. Interview

About the instructor:
Rick Marshall is a 2nd degree black belt under Eddie Bravo. He has also trained extensively with Gokor Chivichyan, the Mendes Bros, and Mike Joker Guymon. He was the head No-Gi Jiu-jitsu instructor for Evolve MMA in Singapore, launching 10th Planet Singapore. Rick now runs 10th Planet Redlands in California.

Customer Reviews

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Jon Helliwell
Great instructional

Learned a lot from this dvd. I like how Rick gets straight to the point. I usually watch instructionals late at night so I can’t stand teachers that go on and on and on. Just show me the move with the key details. I was able to put a few of the lives right into my training tonight. 5 stars.