The Black Belt Blueprint by Nicolas Gregoriades (E-Book)

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The Black Belt Blueprint is a new framework that will help you improve your Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as quickly and efficiently as possible.
Written by Roger Gracie’s first black belt and founder of the Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood, Nicolas Gregoraides, this is complete road map for the beginner's journey into jiu jitsu.

- Experience the freedom and flexibility of becoming your own best teacher, without having to constantly refer to instructors or YouTube videos.
- Feel the enjoyment and satisfaction of being able to remember your techniques and apply them during sparring
- Appreciate the relief of having a structure for your learning process, without being overwhelmed by the constant influx of new moves and positions
- Discover the confidence that comes from a game that is built on a solid foundation and is easily adaptable to new techniques and positions
This 8-part guide is over 170 pages long and features more than 100 full-color images, plus embedded links to relevant videos and further training resources
The book covers all the aspects of your jiu jitsu experience and includes sections on conditioning, competing, yoga, training in Brazil and much, much more
Using the principles and insights detailed within, Nicolas Gregoriades earned his black belt in 4 years and has improved the games of thousands of students worldwide
Note: This book is in digital form and is delivered as in instant download.  
What others are saying about The Black Belt Blueprint:
"Nic is my first black belt and for a good reason. His book shows his deep involvement and dedication to my family's art." 
Roger Gracie - BJJ Black Belt
"Many books document Jiu-Jitsu simply as a collection of techniques, but here Nic delves into the concepts governing the positions, strategies and the art of learning itself, broadening the scope of the book far beyond the techniques demonstrated on the page. Moreover, Nic's narrative invites you to see Jiu-Jitsu in all it's facets, as a means firstly to overcome the body and will of another, then to master your own body and harness your willpower, and finally to shine the light inward-to comprehend yourself and connect profoundly with others."
Pete Irving - BJJ Black Belt
"Nic covers a lot of topics in The Black Belt Blueprint that I've never seen touched on by other BJJ books, and I've read more than a few: how to train smart, the physical aspects of the art, training for the long term journey rather than how to rep out until your body breaks down. He also looks at the mental approach required to get as much out of BJJ as you can - and trust me, that's a lot!"
Ollie Geddes - BJJ Black Belt
"For anyone looking to get started & understand the intricacies of Jiu jitsu or a current practitioner looking to better understand the art, I advise them to check out this book!"
Clark Gracie - BJJ Black Belt
FORMAT: Book is delivered in PDF format and readable on most all e-readers, smart phones, tablets, laptops, or desktop computers.